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We want results!

We want results!


We want results!


We want results!

We want results!

We want results!

We want results!


This is SPATHA!

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SPATHA is a symbol of hope. We believe in making a difference in this world by advocating values ​​this world desperately needs and transforming men's lives into a better one.


The word SPATHA comes from the first double-edged sword that existed, the predecessor of the Viking sword, called "Spatha". A sword wasn't just a tool to fight with, it was much more than that. Carrying a sword was something special. Born into chivalry and when the brotherhood of the Knights Templar was born, wearing a sword meant being a man who dedicated his life to a code of virtues, something greater than himself.

Becoming part of a circle of warriors and men was a right to be earned. Once earned, it meant serving values ​​like sincerity and responsibility. From now on, every decision had to be wise and prudent. Because once a decision was made and the sword was drawn, there was no going back.


Indeed, the word decision comes from drawing a sword. The German language is very clear: A decision (= decision) has been made when the sword is pulled out of its scabbard.


From the Latin word spatae (pl.), Spatha still lives in Spanish espada , Italian spada or French épée . Also in Albania the word shpata or shpatë means sword. In ancient Greece there were the Spartan warriors who were considered to be a military elite.


Our work demands courageous decisions that will change your life forever. To part with an old life and start a new one.


Johannes Rudolf Ska

Founder of SPATHA & Mentor

" I'm not a dating coach and I'm not a motivational speaker either !"


I grew up in a small village in Bavaria, without my father from the start, which meant that I lacked a fatherly role model. At a young age I was still a bold, courageous, and bright boy, until that alertness seemed to fade more and more over the years. I became more and more insecure, more reserved and began to doubt myself and my worth. A search for self-esteem, self-confidence, purpose in life and masculinity began.


The crash


What I noticed about football was that I was a pretty fast runner and so I started with athletics. I got top positions and had some success. Exercise became the only thing that gave me meaning. The family circumstances at the time were not exactly easy and I was exercising harder and harder and my diet was poor.


A leg injury knocked me to the ground and I had to stop training overnight. A world collapsed for me. I was burned out, had no meaning or perspective in my life and slipped into a depression. The attempt to pass the Abitur failed and I dropped out of school.


Girls thought I was very cute, but they quickly realized that I had no plan to deal with a woman and they lost interest. My inability to win over a woman I really liked caused pain and frustration.


The emptiness


I kept living in isolation for weeks and months. Therapy approaches turned out to be nice attempts and experiments to force myself into a life I never belonged in. I threw the pills the doctors gave me in the trash. I believed in a way out beyond the "agenda" of the health system and the advice of doctors and therapists.


I discovered gaps in the system and began to question. For example, I was amazed that people were more likely to listen to a sick doctor than to a healthy person. I looked at the fact that so many doctors and psychologists had major health problems of their own and didn't know how to solve them. That years of therapy promised no way out for many.


And me. I didn't know what I wanted or should do in life. I found life meaningless and difficult and had no direction.


The return


At the age of 19 I lost my virginity and swore to myself that I would do everything to become a man who would also be attractive to women.


With the support of friends and family , I managed to get myself up and take part in life . I was drafted into the military and again had my first successes. I recognized my ability to keep a clear head in extreme situations, I took first place with more than 300 soldiers in a competition.


I was still a long way from over the bridge. Feelings of inferiority and the loss of all meaning in my life remained. A plane ticket to the other end of the world taught me that you always take one thing with you: yourself.


At that time, doing sports was one of the most important supports I had. After returning from overseas, I decided to train as an ambulance service due to a drastic event.


The breakthrough


I owe it to my first mentor, who showed me the first tools that actually worked and made a difference. I had a perspective again, a goal. I left my hometown, graduated from high school and planned to become a helicopter pilot.


He also worked as a lifeguard, gave swimming lessons, worked as a barista or in construction. I was not too good for anything and gained a lot of experience. I passed the police aptitude test, but was then too disgusted by a life in uniform and "rank and file", which is why I decided against it.


I was a cool guy and known as the guy who doesn't let anything burn. Inside, however, it looked different. My first relationship with a woman who could have been a model showed me that my imaginary "self-confidence" was just a house of cards that quickly collapsed in strong winds.


After about a year and a half, this relationship came to what felt like a dramatic end. It was around this time that the most important mentor for me came into my life. A "man`s man" and shaman, and probably the first "real man" I met. He exemplified what it means to be a strong man, a man who lives and stands for something bigger than just himself. I realized that being a man involves more than just "being successful with women".


The decision


2014. In addition to school and work, I organized the first seminars, led a men's group and a path is being prepared that I had not planned in this way. Since I had successfully passed pilot tests, I was about to start training as a helicopter pilot. I quit my part-time job, moved to another city, and sat on the control stick of the helicopter.


A series of strange encounters made me question my chosen path. There were some key moments and I had a hard time realizing that the pilot is not my way.


I dropped out and decided to follow my true destiny without knowing where it was really taking me.


The determination


I spent time in a Buddhist temple, I meditated, hiked with other men through the Sedona desert, absorbed everything that seemed to me to be elementary information . I spent time with a woman who had indigenous roots and was able to immerse myself in the world of the Native Americans.


I finally earned my first money at a workshop in the USA that lasted several days and became more aware of my abilities. In 2015 I started my own business in Germany. In 2016 I founded SPATHA. The rest is history.


I thank my mentors from the bottom of my heart who have accompanied me on my way and without whose support I would never be where I am today.


I dedicate my work to the people in this country and beyond. May we stand up again, heal our roots and come to true strength and set ourselves free.

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Katharina Duemler

Nutrition Coach

Your diet has a great influence on other areas of life, especially on mental and physical well-being, on the ability to concentrate and on inner clarity. If you neglect your diet, this can have negative consequences for your health, lifestyle and professional success.

True to the motto "You are what you eat", "no more garbage in-garbage out", I will be at your side as a nutrition expert during the SPATHA training and support you in strengthening your new self with the right nutrition for you.


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Have a free consultation with Johannes and find out how he can help you!

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